William Lane Craig, The Atonement

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Please click on the link to view William Lane Craig, The Atonement (Elements in the Philosophy of Religion; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018) (doi:10.1017/9781108558020).

Here is an abstract:

The Atonement offers in a concise compass an inter-disciplinary
approach to the complex doctrine of the atonement, drawing
upon biblical studies, church history, and analytic philosophy. Divided
into three parts, the book first treats the biblical basis of the doctrine of
the atonement, an aspect of the doctrine not often taken with sufficient
seriousness by contemporary Christian philosophers writing on the
subject. The second part highlights some of the principal alternative
theories of the atonement offered in the pre-modern era, with a view to
accurately expositing these often misunderstood theories. Finally part
three, drawing upon insights from the philosophy of law, defends a
multi-faceted atonement theory which features penal substitution as a
central element. By employing distinctions found in legal thought often
overlooked in philosophical treatments of atonement, the author seeks
to offer a philosophically coherent account of Christ’s atonement that
connects closely with the biblical doctrine of forensic justification