William Lane Craig Answers Some Questions on Determinism

, posted by Martin Glynn

In his Q&A section of his site, Dr. William Lane Craig recently gave his thoughts both on Compatibilism and Determinism. One of the most interesting comments was that he doesn’t hold to the Principle of Alternate Possibilities as part of the definition of Libertarian Free Will. Most members of SEA would hold to the Principle of Possible Alternate Choice, rather than simply alternate possibilities, but I’m not sure if he is just describing the same thing with different words. But his take is still very thoughtful.

Filled with his usual insight, you can find his comments in the links below:

I A Compatibilist? by William Lane Craig, January 28th, 2018

Calvinism and the Unlivability of Determinism by William Lane Craig, February 4th, 2018