What is SEA’s Stance on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage?

, posted by SEA

Someone asked the following questions. What, if any, stance does SEA take on homosexuality and gay marriage? If a person is a homosexual and married to a same sex partner or agrees with gay marriage and openly promotes homosexuality, are they able to become members and/or contribute articles on the SEA website?

Our answer:

SEA takes an official stand on homosexual practice and gay marriage, that they are sin. Practicing homosexuals or people who support homosexuality are not allowed to be in SEA leadership or to be actively contributing material to our website. We would not necessarily take down material of someone who became involved in that sin, but they would not be allowed to contribute further material. SEA does not normally hold regular members to behavioral standards, only leadership and authors, because of the online nature of the organization. However, if a member were openly espousing or supporting clear sin, such as homosexuality or any other clear sin (e.g., greed, lying, adultery, murder, etc.), then we might remove them from membership if they refuse to repent. If we knew that of them when seeking to join, then we might reject their application.