Bruce A. Ware, “Extent of the Atonement”

, posted by SEA

Ware is a 4 point Calvinist who affirms unlimited atonement. This overview of the issue of the extent of the atonement is useful for its arguments against limited atonement (see the attachment). But beware of Ware! He tries to separate his view from the Arminian view by setting up some straw men, as if Arminian theology denies that there are multiple divine intentions behind the atonement or that God does not have a special love for his own people. On another note of caution, we disagree with Calvinistic statements made by Ware, as when he speaks of the elect being efficaciously called and irresistibly drawn to place their faith in Christ. With those caveats, Ware’s arguments can be useful against limited atonement and in favor of unlimited atonement, and they carry special weight in coming from a Calvinist who recognizes that Scripture’s affirmation that Jesus died for all is so strong and clear as to be virtually impossible to deny.

To view Ware, Bruce A. “Extent of the Atonement”, please click on the attachment: Ware. Extent of the Atonement