VIDEO: Understanding Salvation with Bruxy and Nina Cavey

, posted by AndrewH


In the video clip, Arminian-anabaptist Pastor Bruxy Cavey illustrates the differences between:

(1) Pelagianism – “Ought implies able”;

(2) Semi-Pelagianism – “Lord I believe, help my unbelief”;

(3) Arminianism – “Prevenient Grace enables choice”; and

(4) Calvinism  – “We are dead so God does the choosing.”


This clip is from his sermon, “Salvation 2”, in the series, “We Believe: Christian Theology Learned, Loved and Lived”, which is available from The Meeting House website: .

Also be sure to check out the “Drive Home” from “Salvation 1”, which includes a discussion of limited vs unlimited atonement and a Q&A where, at about 42:00, Cavey answers an audience question, “What made you rethink Calvinism?” (MP3 link)


Also see: Arminian Teaching Series (Audio and Video) – Bruxy Cavey