Video interview with Dr. W. Brian Shelton: Prevenient Grace

, posted by AndrewH

In the video, Dr. W. Brian Shelton (author of Prevenient Grace: God’s Provision for Fallen Humanity) and Nicholas Noyola discuss:

03:45- Promoting Wesleyan Theology
05:10- Why Prevenient Grace Has Been Forgotten
07:11- Studying with Calvinist as an Wesleyan
09:17- How to Define Prevenient Grace
18:23- Does Depravity Keep Us From Having Faith?
25:15-  Does Prevenient Grace Enable or Regenerate?
28:08- The Biblical Case for Enlightening Grace
36:35- The Biblical Case for Drawing Grace
42:16- The Biblical Case for Convicting Grace
44:24- Does God Desire to Save ‘All’ People?
46:45- Surprising Finds
50:00- Influential Theologians
51:41- Weaknesses of the Doctrine
55:51- Areas for Further Research