Video interview with Dr. Thomas McCall & Keith Stanglin: “Who Were the Arminians?”

, posted by AndrewH

In this video, Dr. Thomas McCall and Dr. Keith Stanglin (co-authors of Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace and After Arminius: A Historical Introduction to Arminian Theology) and Nicholas Noyola discuss:

01:15​- Favorite Living Theologian and Philosopher
04:30​- Last Book You Read
05:42​- If You Could Have One Book About Arminius
07:50​- Key Leaders After Arminius
11:10​- Optimistic Antropology
24:46​- Were They Reliable Guides?
29:21​- The Wesleyan Way of Salvation
32:40​- Prevenient Grace
39:24​- Semi-Pelagianism
47:07​- Calvinist Pelagianism
50:55​- Key Theologians After Wesley; Sin & Atonement
55:45​- How Do You Feel About Modern Day Methodism?
01:01:20​- Favorite Arminian Theologians Writing Today
01:05:12​- Areas in Need of Further Research
01:09:54​- Barth & Berkouwer
01:13:04​- Plans for Another Book
01:16:58​- Recommendation