Uncle Buddy: Calvinism Is a Tee-Total Failure

, posted by drwayman

“Uncle Buddy” Robinson was a popular evangelist in the early Church of the Nazarene. He claimed to have preached 32,176 sermons and won 200,000 converts. His preaching style was known for it’s simplicity, yet is full of profound truths.  Here is what Uncle Buddy thought of Calvinism, taken from his sermon “This Great Salvation”:

“Other men in their bewilderment and sad predicament have decided that only a special few, that they term the elect, will be saved; and they imagine that the elect will be saved, it matters not how mean they are, and all the rest of the human family was long ago predestined to damnation and will be eternally lost, it matters not how good they are.  But after all, this is no remedy for the curse of sin.  So we see that all human inventions and remedies are tee-total failures.”

Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud). The Collected Works of ‘Uncle Bud’ Robinson (Kindle Locations 2905-3089). Jawbone Digital. Kindle Edition. 

For the sermon, “This Great Salvation” go to:  http://www.ironstrikes.com/blog/this-great-salvation