Tim Stratton and Jacobus Erasmus, “Divine Determinism and the Problem of Hell”

, posted by Steven Wolf

Please click on the link to view Tim Stratton and Jacobus Erasmus, “Divine Determination and the Problem of Hell”, Perichoresis Volume 16. Issue 2 (2018): 3-15.


Here is the Authors’ abstract of the article:

Divine determinism, though affirmed by many Calvinists, implicates God in the
decisions people make that ultimately damn them to the terrible destiny of hell. In this paper,
the authors argue that this scenario is a problem for divine determinism. The article contends
that determinism is inconsistent with God’s love and the Scriptures that explicitly state that
God does not ‘desire’ anyone to go to hell. Even human love for others strongly suggests that
God, who is ‘love’, will not determine anyone to hell. On the other extreme, those who argue
for universalism, though appealing to Scripture, often do so with questionable exegesis.