The Toymaker

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Though not a member of SEA, Rev DeCrastos gives an interesting illustration regarding God’s desire to have a relationship with His creation.


by Rev. DeCrastos

It had been a long day, and the toymaker was just leaving to go home. He was tired, because he had put his heart and soul into his newest creation. He had made some amazing things before, but none like this. Normally, his creations all looked alike, and shared general characteristics. These, however, were special. The toymaker had been working on this design for quite a long time. So ,the genius went to bed, dreaming of more he could create like these.

The next day, the toy maker decided to give them all names. On any other occasion, and with any other toy, he would give one name to the entire lot that he created. This time was different. These toys were special. They looked unique. They were beautiful. He was, however, a little bias, because he created every one of them to share a characteristic that he had. The toy maker decided to name each one individually. He also wanted them to come to life. So, he implanted a winding key in them that would allow them to become animated, and thus, alive.
These keys were only a temporary source of animation for these toys. In response to this dilemma, the maker created the beings with the ability to choose how they would keep wound. He knew, however, that many would not choose the correct way.

Some were stubborn, and chose to turn their own keys, but could only turn it so far and thus produce minimal power. Many searched for other power sources, and were unsuccessful. Some, however, asked the toymaker for help. The compassionate builder helped them out as needed, and when their reserves were low, he gladly assisted them by turning the key. He spent every moment with them, and looked upon them with love.

The builder longed to get to know his creation. He noticed that many were yearning for the same type of relationship. Others, however, looked to each other. This only led to problems, because the other toys would tire, and fail to operate. The toymaker, was the only one who could keep them all going….

The toys who relied on each other became angry, because the methods they were using were becoming futile. The creatures deemed this truth unfair, and turned their backs on the one who had made them.


Just like these toys, humanity has the tendency to try to find their own way. We struggle and fight and when we fail to find power within ourselves, we get angry at the God we pushed away.

Today, don’t look at God as the last resort….look at Him as your first retreat.

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