The One Purpose of Prayer

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“Now, the whole thought in prayer is to get the will of God like that done in our lives and upon this old earth. The greatest prayer any one can offer is, “Thy will be done.” It will be offered in a thousand different forms, with a thousand details, as needs arise daily.

But every true prayer comes under those four words. There is not a good desirable thing that you have thought of that He has not thought of first, and probably with an added touch not in your thought. Not to grit your teeth and lock your jaw and pray for grace to say, “Thy will be endured: it is bitter, but I must be resigned; that is a Christian grace; Thy will be endured.” Not that please. Do not slander God like that.

There is a superficial idea among men that charges God with many misfortunes and ills for which He is not at all responsible. He is continually doing the very best that can be done under the circumstances [that He designed] for the best results. He has a bad mixture of stubborn warped human wills to deal with. With infinite patience and skills and diplomacy and success too, He is ever working at the tangled skein of human life, through the human will. (pg 202)”

-S.D. Gordon

To read more about prayer, go to the book, Quiet Talks on Prayer by S.D. Gordon
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