The Friday Files

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The Friday Files compiles links to posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinistic bloggers from around the globe, and highlights older posts from SEA. Inclusion of a link here does not necessarily mean the linked material is Arminian or carries SEA’s approval.

Rambling Ever On brings us, “In His Own Words: Five Arminius Teachings Most Calvinists Can Love

Remonstrance Podcast release Minisode 24: Arminius on Faith

Arminian Perspectives offers, “Calvinism And the Fall: The Problem Ignored Again

The Arminian Files shares, “A Condemned ‘Elect’ is an Oxymoron

Dead Heroes Don’t Save posts, “Calvinism, Arminianism, & Vocabulary

Ironstrikes provides, “How Do We Know We are Filled With the Holy Spirit?”, from the writings of Thomas Upham (1799-1872)

Bruxy Cavey announces that over the next few months he will be posting excerpts from his soon-to-be-released book on the gospel, (re)union: The Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners

Dr Fred Sanders writes, Revelation of the Trinity did happen in history; does happen in Scripture”; “Make Good People Wish It Were True (Pascal)”; and posts a sermon video, “God’s Omniscience as Law and Gospel

The Helwys Society Forum review (Calvinist) pastor Tim Keller’s book Preaching: Communicating in an Age of Skepticism

Free Will Baptist Theology posts, “An Episode in Cross-Cultural Theological Instruction

Wesleyan Way shares part 2 of their book review: Being Disciples by Rowan Williams

Seedbed publishes, “Holy Subversion: The Birth of the Protestant Missionary Society”; “God’s Revelation to Us (Psalm 19)”; and “Revivals Bring Freedom, by Grace through Faith

Church Planter Collective releases podcast episode 40: Ministering to People on the Margins

Dr Leighton Flowers (Traditionalist Southern Baptist) offers part 2 of his latest interview with Dr David Allen, “The weaknesses of John Owen’s view of the Atonement

And, from the Society of Evangelical Arminians’ archives, we recommend:

Roger Olson, “Theological Flaws and Fatal Flaws”; Part 2: “The First Fatal Flaw in the Calvinist System Revisited”; and Part 3: “Another Fatal Flaw in Calvinism”;

Roger Olson, “God’s ‘Wasteful Scatteration of Grace’”; and

From Calvinist writer Michael C Patton, “Evangelicals: We Can And Must Distinguish Between Essentials And Non-essentials Better