The Friday Files

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The Friday Files compiles certain posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinistic bloggers from around the globe with a special introduction explaining each post.

  • Kingswood Hart of The Predestination Station offers us insight into the relevancy of St Paul’s words at Romans 8:28-30 throughout Romans 9. He rightly notes that often too many people render faulty conclusions by presuming too much about the texts in question — a healthy hermeneutical reminder as we all examine any text of Scripture.
  • Steve Sewell of The Arminian Files offers his Commentary on Romans 11, careful to keep the referents within context, and eager to allow the author to develop the truth of the Holy Spirit regarding the doctrine of election, the place of Israel and the Church, and the doctrine of perseverance.
  • Larry McCallister, a Church of God pastor in West Virginia, presents his sermon: “A Theology of Revival.” He addresses such questions as: What is revival? How does it start? Who starts it? What is our part? What is God’s part? He looks at the scriptures and a couple of incidents in the journal of John Wesley to answer these questions.
  • Solus Arminius addresses Martin Luther and Jacob Arminius in light of the Protestant Reformation this week: “Reformation or Reformations?” suggests we should view the break with Rome not as the Reformation but as several reformations; “Attitudes toward the Pope according to Luther and Arminius” demonstrates how different Arminius views the Pope from Luther; “The Formal Principle according to Luther and Arminius” informs us of the primacy granted to Scripture by both theologians; and “Depravity and Free Will according to Luther and Arminius” evinces the exact parallel of both Reformed theologians on these topics.
  • Andrew, from Beyond Calvinism, posts “Early Arminian Baptist Thomas Grantham on God’s Permission vs Decree (1678),” in which he shows clearly an early Arminian theological perspective regarding the sovereignty of God minus divine determinism.
  • Dr. Dale Wayman of IRONSTRIKES offers the believer practical posts regarding our spirit, mind, and body this week: “Adultery,” this subject is not merely about the act; “Uncleanness,” demonstrating that the battlefield for purity begins in the mind; “Lasciviousness,” a state of being that refers to an undisciplined state of mind and heart that manifests in various ways; and “Losing Weight,” which is not another diet plan but the practicality of laying aside besetting sins.
  • The Society of Evangelical Arminians offers this week Rich Davis’ “Calvinism’s Gospel Tautology,” Steve Sewell’s “Response to John Piper: How Do Arminians Pray?” Dr. Roger Olson’s final installment of “Why I Am an Evangelical Arminian Christian,” and The Gospel Coalition’s surprising interview of Arminian scholar J. Matthew Pinson, “Meet a Reformed Arminian.”
  • Dr. Leighton Flowers of Soteriology 101 interviews Dr. Jerry Walls on his latest podcast regarding Walls’ latest book: “Does God Love Everyone?

All links are offered because they are thought to be of potential interest to those who are interested in Arminian/Calvinist issues. Inclusion of links here does not necessarily mean the linked material is Arminian or carries SEA’s approval. The commentary on highlighted material does not necessarily represent SEA’s viewpoint, but belongs solely to the compiler.