The Friday Files

, posted by AndrewH

The Friday Files compiles links to posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinistic bloggers from around the globe, and highlights older posts from SEA. Inclusion of a link here does not necessarily mean the linked material is Arminian or carries SEA’s approval.

Thoughts from Canaan reviews Dr Matthew Bates’ new book Salvation by Allegiance Alone: Rethinking Faith, Works, and the Gospel of Jesus the King

Cerebral Faith answers, “Does God Love Everyone?” and “Is God beyond logic?

Dr Roger Olson writes, “Would Someone Please Rein in Some of the ‘Young Calvinists?’

Reasonable Faith Podcast, with Dr William Lane Craig, answers questions about the resurrection, divine foreknowledge and the end times

Dead Heroes Don’t Save shares, “James in a Nutshell

Bruxy Cavey posts, The scandal of particularity

Threshing Floor Podcast release episode 84: Zombie Films, Ernest Goes to Camp and Prayer

Helwys Society Forum discuss, “When Ministry and Seminary Collide

Dr Craig Keener writes on John 10, “Who is the thief who comes to destroy?

Dr Timothy Tennent brings us a devotional: The Cross of Christ (Psalm 22)

Dr Fred Sanders shares, “New Essay, New Word”, regarding his recent article in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Seven Minute Seminary posts a new video, “How We Got the New Testament Canon

Seedbed publishes, “How We Created a Missional Culture in Our Church

And, from the Society of Evangelical Arminians’ archives, we recommend:

Laurence Womock, “The Calvinists Cabinet Unlock’d”;

Robert Hamilton, “A Linguist Looks at King James”;

Dear Calvinists (excerpts from Why I am not a Calvinist by Jerry Walls & Joseph Dongell); and

Roger Olson, “Calvinism Leads to Universalism” and “For God so Loved the World