The Friday Files

, posted by AndrewH

The Friday Files compiles links to posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinistic bloggers from around the globe, and highlights new and older posts from SEA. Inclusion of a link here does not necessarily mean the linked material is Arminian or carries SEA’s approval.

Wesleyan Potluck, a new podcast offering news and commentary on the Wesleyan Church (denomination) launches with Episode One

Remonstrance Podcast release a new Minisode: Wesley On Depravity, Part 2

Church Planter Collective release Podcast Episode 37: Race & Diversity

The Threshing Floor Podcast release Episode 80: Dreams on The Shelf

Seedbed’s Daily Text launches a new daily devotional series in the Gospel of John with “God is Jesus.” (February 1); and “Jesus Created the World He Saved” (February 2)

Seedbed also publishes, “Little Is Much When God Is in It: A Perfect Love for the Smaller Church”; and Where to Begin in Multicultural Ministry

Gospel Encounter continues the discussion on Sign of the Kingdom with “Lesslie Newbigin for Today, Part 2

Thoughts from Canaan completes his first book in the TfC Book Club with Augustine’s Confessions Books 11, 12, & 13; and begins February’s book with “4 Reasons Every Christian Should Study Christian History

The Arminian Files posts, “Conditional Security – Hebrews 6

Ironstrikes writes, “Wow! God, why?”; and shares a devotional, “Help me, LORD!!

The Helwys Society Forum discuss, “An Imaginative Inheritance: Chesterton’s Influence on Lewis and Tolkien

Dr Ben Witherington begins a series of posts on EP Sander’s book The Apostle’s Life, Letters and Thought

Dr Craig Keener continues his free video lecture series in the Book of Acts with, Session 7: Acts 1 and 2

Dr Leighton Flowers (Traditionalist Southern Baptist) shares his thoughts on the movie trailer for Calvinist

Dr Adam Harwood (Traditionalist Southern Baptist) launches a series, “7 Southern Baptists on 7 Salvation Questions”, with Question 1: Does the theologian identify who initiates salvation, God or man?; and Question 2: Does the theologian advocate decretal theology?

The Society of Evangelical Arminians publish:

Remonstrance Minisode 8: Arminius on Imputation;

John Wesley, Contemporary Wesleyanism and the Reformed Tradition; and

Bullets and Determinism

And, from the SEA archives, highlight:

Roger Olson, “Arminian Teaching Regarding Original Sin”;

Dealing With a Dealt-With Deal: An Overview of the Author of Sin Controversy;

Roger Olson, “God’s Self-Limitation”;

The Orthodox Church Affirms Conditional Security; and

19th Century Methodist Theologian Thomas Osmond Summers’ commentaries on the Synoptic Gospels