Some Wise Words of Caution from John Piper to the Young, Restless, & Reformed that Can Be Applied to the Young, Alarmed, and Arminian

, posted by SEA

Am I recommending some comments by staunch Calvinist John Piper? Yes indeed. I disagree vehemently with him about Calvinism and Arminianism, but count him as a brother in Christ, an erudite Christian scholar, and a godly man with many good, biblical things to say. Here I want to direct your attention to some wise words of caution he gave for the Young, Restless, & Reformed that can be applied with little alteration to the Young, Alarmed (Why alarmed? Because of the resurgence of the false doctrine of Calvinism), and Arminian. Here is a Link to Piper’s Comments, the essence of which is, beware of pride and intellectualism, and ultimately loving one’s theology more than God. The linked page contains both the edited transcript and video of Piper’s comments.

HT: Justin Taylor