Science Uprising: A Scientific Defense of the Human Mind and Will

, posted by Martin Glynn

At SEA, we promote Arminianism. Arminianism is first and foremost a soteriology: an explanation on how salvation works according to the Bible. But for any who are familiar with the Arminianism/Calvinism debate, the conversation has tremendous ramifications for the nature of providence and the nature of humanity, especially for the question of whether or not humans are capable of making real choices.

On our facebook page, a site was recently shared that has a lot of relevance on this question. Atheists often side with the Calvinists on the issue of determinism: everything that we decide, we decide because we were determined to. Often times, this is based on the idea that our minds are mere manifestations of our brain states. I have long been against this notion. Having studied computer science, there is a vast difference between the way our minds actually work and the way that computers work. We don’t simply spit out the calculated results of some set of inputs. Rather, there is something within us that is actually determinative.

Now this site provides some scientific evidence for that stipulation. It is called Science Uprising. I don’t want to oversell this. The site does not provide definitive scientific proof of an inner deterministic soul. Rather, it provides some evidence for it. Also, it is one site, not the breadth of the scientific community. Those who claim that the science is settled, well, it’s not. Indeed, science rarely, if ever, settles. But there is scientific support for the human capacity to freely choose. Here is a link to the website: