Roy Ingle, “Misunderstanding Arminius”

, posted by SEA

Many people misunderstand the teachings of James Arminius and fail to draw distinctions between his teachings and those of other later influential people such as Charles Finney. Finney is often called Arminian but his teachings, as you can see from this article, are not the same as those of Arminius.

I also once again want to reiterate that too often both Arminians and Calvinist fail to understand the others viewpoint because of a lack of educating oneself from the others viewpoint. I believe Calvinists would do well to read the works of Arminius (although they are tough reading) and Arminians would do well to read the works of Calvin (again, tough reading).

The following link is to an article written by Dr. Vic Reasoner on how Calvinists often misunderstand Arminius and attribute teachings to him that he never taught. It is an article well worth reading many times and thus why I have placed a link here again for it.

[This article has been edited and adapted for inclusion here. Here is a link to the original post and comments on Roy Ingle’s blog, Arminian Today.]