Robert Chisholm’s Excellent Article on Hardening in the Old Testament

, posted by SEA

We do not always announce in the the blog the addition of specific articles to the site’s article database. (We regularly add articles to the site, and upon being added they appear in the “Recent Articles” box on the right side of our home page. After an article is pushed off the recent articles list by newer articles, it can only be found through the topical index or through the site’s search function.) But we wanted to draw your attention to a particularly excellent article that we are adding today by Robert Chisholm Jr. on hardening in the Old Testament. I think it includes the best overall single treatment of the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart available, though it covers more than just the case of Pharaoh. We want to thank the journal that published the article, Bibliotheca Sacra, for granting us permission to make the article available, as well as a few other articles that have appeared in the journal and are relevant to the Arminian/Calvinist debate. You can find Chisholm’s article on hardening here: And look for the following articles to be added to the site soon (remember to keep an eye on the “Recent Articles” box on the right side of the home page):

Dorian G. Coover Cox, ‘The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart in its Literary and Cultural Contexts’, Bibliotheca Sacra 163 (July–Sept. 2006) 292-311

Robert B. Chisholm Jr., “ANATOMY OF AN ANTHROPOMORPHISM: DOES GOD DISCOVER FACTS?” Bibliotheca Sacra 164 (January-March 2007): 3-20

René A. López, “IS FAITH A GIFT FROM GOD OR A HUMAN EXERCISE?” Bibliotheca Sacra 164 (July–September 2007) 259–76

By the way, our technical problems are mostly resolved, and we should be starting up regular blog posts sometime soon. Look out for an announcement in the blog about the date regular blog posts will be starting up again.