Richard Coords, “Gaslighting (Spiritualized)”

, posted by Martin Glynn

According to psychological experts, “gaslighting” is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own perception of reality in order to make them more vulnerable to persuasion.

Some Calvinists argue that we are all born believing in the basic concepts of human freedom and free will, though which is actually false, since God controls all of our preferences, and thus our choices (under their definition of “sovereignty”).

If one attempts to disagree, they are often made to feel as if they are crazy, heretical, or just too ignorant to really understand. I believe this is a form of “spiritualized gaslighting.”

It comes in the form of statements like, “You just don’t understand Calvinism,” even after reading directly from a quote of John Calvin himself. Or a statement like, “Yes it’s actually your choice,” after they just argued that God is the decisive cause (determiner) of every desire and choice that has ever been made.

If one objects to the apparent contradiction of such claims, they are painted as an ignorant and/or rebellious person who just won’t “accept the plain reading of Scripture,” even though Biblical scholars have disagreed over these interpretations for generations.

Do not allow yourself to be gaslighted. We are born with the perception of free will (responsibility) because that’s how God created us.