Republishing the Fallacies of Calvinist Apologetics Series

, posted by SEA

Each weekday, we tweet a reference to an old post and put that reference on our outreach Facebook page. As we systematically review old posts in that way, we take the opportunity to fix any major technical issues with those old posts, update their category markers, etc. In doing so, we found some technical difficulties with some posts in a fantastic 14-part series on our site by SEA Vice President Joshua Thibodaux called “The Fallacies of Calvinist Apologetics” (originally posted on the Arminian Perspectives blog). Rather than just fixing those technical issues, we thought it would be a good idea to republish the series to bring extra attention to it since it is so good and helpful. (We will also delete the original posts on our site.) The plan is to republish one a week over the next 14 weeks. We’ll publish the first one today.