Remonstrance Minisode 4: The Adventures of Johannes Wtenbogaert

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In this minisode we will be looking at the life of the Arminian pastor, statesman, and theologian: Johannes (Jan) Wtenbogaert. We will follow his life from his birth in Utrecht, his close friendship with Jacob Arminius, his studies at Geneva under Beza, his involvement in the Arminian controversy, his authorship of the Remonstrance of 1610, his exile to Belgium and France, and his death in the Hague at the age of eighty-seven. All the while we will be looking at background information on the Dutch Revolt, Arminian Controversy, and the Dutch Reformation. Sit back and join us for the adventures of Wtenbogaert. Please subscribe!

Link to painting by Rembrandt of Wtenbogaert

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