Remonstrance Minisode 11: What Is An Arminian?

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In this Minisode we will be asking the basic (but not so basic) question: “What Is An Arminian?” And see how John Wesley answered this question in his short writing titled (very appropriately) “What Is An Arminian?” In this writing Wesley brings up a lot of good points. He is clear that Arminians and Calvinists should come to an understanding of each other’s theology so they could have a productive dialogue.

He also points out that no one should speak out against Arminianism unless they have actually read at least a page of his writings. This point is true of people who claim to be Arminian as well.

Wesley promoted more of a spirit of unity through understanding. Here at Remonstrance we believe that this is the way forward. We may disagree, but at least we can disagree based on an understanding of where each other are coming from.

To read through the full text of “What Is An Arminian?” you can find it by following this link:

What Is An Arminian?