Remonstrance Episode 85: The Means of Grace Under Quarantine (Part 2)

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While under quarantine because of the COVID-19 Pandemic we continue to discuss the Means of Grace and how we can grow in them during this season. In this episode we focus on John Wesley’s sermon, “The Means of Grace.” First, we discuss what Wesley taught regarding the Means of Grace that: 1) God is above all means; 2) there is no power in the means; 3) they are not meritorious; 4) grace is dispensed by the power of his Spirit and the merits of his Son; 5) seek God alone. We then discuss the three chief means of grace: prayer, searching the Scriptures, and the Lord’s Supper. We then look at the end of the sermon when we discuss some practical applications.


“The Means of Grace” by John Wesley 

“How John Wesley’s Means of Grace Should Impact Our Christian Witness” by Andrew Dragos (Seedbed)

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