Remonstrance Episode 78: Do Wesleyan-Arminians Believe In Inerrancy? (Part 1)

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For our episodes this month we will be releasing a lecture by Dr. Vic Reasoner on why inerrancy is compatible with Evangelical Wesleyanism. Dr. Reasoner is the chairman of the Fundamental Wesleyan Society and the author of numerous books including The Importance of Inerrancy. He is also the editor of The Arminian Magazine, a publication of the Fundamental Wesleyan Society. In this lecture Dr. Reasoner exposes the myth that the doctrine of inerrancy is incompatible with Evangelical Wesleyanism and instead shows how it was in fact the historic position of Wesleyan-Arminianism including the position of John Wesley himself. If you are interested in learning more about the Fundamental Wesleyan Society and subscribing to The Arminian Magazine then please visit their website:

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