Remonstrance Episode #6: What Is the Will of God?

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This episode of Remonstrance is entirely devoted to the question, “What is the will of God?” We first discuss the Calvinist understanding of the will of God to provide context for the Arminian understanding. We also look at Calvin’s distinction between the decretive and prescriptive will of God. We then discuss the philosophical differences between Voluntarism and Intellectualism. It is more important than you might think. We then look at the distinction between the Antecedent and Consequent will of God that Arminius emphasized in his theological writings. We then look at the question of divine determinism and look at how Thomas C. Oden explains how God governs the world according to His will. We hope you are blessed by this episode!

Here are some links to articles we discuss:

“God’s Will In Calvinism and Arminianism” by Roger E. Olson

“A Much Neglected Basic Choice in Theology” by Roger E. Olson