Remonstrance Episode 14: Regeneration

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This episode of Remonstrance is devoted to the Doctrine of Regeneration. One major question we will be looking into is whether or not regeneration precedes faith (the Calvinist view) or if faith precedes regeneration (the Wesleyan-Arminian view). We will be reading through sections of articles by the Society of Evangelical Arminians (SEA) and discussing them. Then we will move on and look at what Arminius specifically had to say about regeneration and what Wesley specifically had to say about it as well. One interesting point that Arminius brings up is that Calvin actually taught that faith precedes regeneration as well. We make references to a lot of different articles in this episode so make sure you investigate the links below. Also, join become a member of the SEA and buy Thomas C. Oden’s “Classic Christianity.” Trust us, you need this systematic theology.


“Does Regeneration Precede Faith?”

“Arminius on Regeneration”

“Calvin on Faith Preceding Regeneration”

“John Wesley on Regeneration”

“Sermon 45: The New Birth”