Recap of I John 5:18; A Devotional

, posted by Martin Glynn

Hello. Since we had ceased posting, naturally, the devotional itself was put on hold. So this week I had the difficult task of desiding how I would pick up after so many weeks of being idle. In fact, the last devotional that was done was in January. So, I decided to go back and recap what has already been said in the beginning of this section of the book. However, that would only include 18.

So, I encourage to reread what was written last time, but I include a few words here about the ending section in general.

We are in the conclusion of John’s first letter, and John himself is recapping what he has said before. He does this using a triad formula of “oidemen hoti” (“We know that”). The first two “oidemen”s set the premises of his final statement. The third is John’s conclusion from these premises, finishing with verse 21 which is John’s application. I’ll be referring to this later.

Verse 18 is thus the opening of a John’s final point, and in this opening he establishing two sides: the children of God and the wicked one. His statement is simple. Those who are born of God cannot be controlled by the wicked one. Satan has no power over the faithful. We need to remember that Christ has indeed set us free. We cannot blame Satan for everything we do wrong, for Satan has no power over us if we are God’s.

Therefore, be couragous and bold. Excel in what God has given you to do. Live out God’s life and there will be nothing that Satan can truly do to stop you for Christ has already defeated him at the cross and at the tomb. Praises be to God!!