Michael Patton, “12 Myths About Arminianism”

, posted by g1antfan

C. Michael Patton runs a rather unique ministry in Oklahoma. He runs Reclaiming the Mind Ministries which includes such diverse offerings as a theological coffee house (Credo House), in-depth DVD courses taught by renowned scholars like Dan Wallace, Gary Habermas, and Craig Blomberg (Credo Courses), a podcast (Theology Unplugged), and a great blog known as the Parchment and Pen. All of these are geared toward helping people develop a deep theological foundation upon which they become the disciples of Christ that we are all called to be. Patton is known for being irenic on his blog theology trying to fairly represent different perspectives on faith.

In the post 12 Myths about Arminianism, Patton a committed Calvinist himself, challenges readers to understand Arminianism and to stop propagating these incorrect ideas.

Here are two of the 12 myths debunked in the post.

1. Arminians don’t believe in the sovereignty of God.

Arminians believe very much in the sovereignty of God. To say that God gives people freedom does not necessarily mean that God relinquishes his authority over mankind. To be sovereign does not mean that one always has to be in meticulous control over everything that happens. God, for the Arminian, could shape all human events according to his will, he just chooses not to. This is still sovereignty.

11. Arminians believe that man’s freedom is the controlling force in the universe.

This is a straw man put together by many ill-informed Calvinists who seek to associate Arminianism with a compromise to liberalism. For the Arminian, freedom is not the controlling force of the universe; God’s love is. It is God’s love that gives man freedom so that he has the ability to choose him.

Amen! It is refreshing to see a brother in Christ take on these inaccurate opinions. I encourage you to read the whole post.