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J.D. Walsh, “Wesley Vs. Whitefield”

, posted by SEA

Please click on the link to view J.D. Walsh, “Wesley Vs. Whitefield.” Please note that at one point the article says that the Wesleys denied predestination, but it is important to understand that they denied…

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Romans 8:28-30 and Its Relevance to Romans 9

, posted by kingswoodhart

This is part of a series of posts on Romans. The main focus of this series will be chapters 9-11 of the letter. These chapters, particularly chapter 9, have been interpreted in various different ways….

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Remonstrance Featured On Daily Reformation Podcast

, posted by Remonstrance

Links to Listen: Apple Podcasts Spotify  Soundcloud Ben and Vin from Remonstrance had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jason Barefoot from Daily Reformation Podcast. We had a great time discussing theology with our Reformed…

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