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Additional Notes on the FACTS Write-Up: 7 Point Arminianism

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by Brian Abasciano I just wanted to share some additional notes about my article, “The FACTS of Salvation: A Summary of Arminian Theology/the Biblical Doctrines of Grace,” recently published here at the website of the Society of Evangelical Arminians. (For…

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Something For Calvinists to Chew On

, posted by Evan Minton

I’ve been reading the latter part of the Old Testament and something really interesting occurred to me. God spends so many chapters complaining about all the evil that Israel and Judah have been doing and…

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Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library

Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library – Free Online Resource

, posted by Kevin Jackson

Here’s a new free online resource: Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library. It is sponsored by the Nazarene church. There are resources in multiple languages. Some of the free resources include: H. Orton Wiley’s systematic theology: Christian…

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The Incompatibility Of Compatiblism

, posted by Evan Minton

Compatiblist freedom isn’t freedom at all. The compatiblist will say “You’re free because you do whatever you want to do” but the fact is, you can’t control your wants. Your desires have been programmed into…

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A Profound Tweet by Drew McIntyre

, posted by SEA

A number of people have enjoyed this statement tweeted by Drew McIntyre: “I am an Arminian because I find God’s love a more compelling character trait than power or glory.”

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Better Than TULIP?

, posted by Martin Glynn

This image was shared on our discussion board as a possibly better acronym for Calvinism than TULIP. Do you agree?

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