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Calvinism on the Sly

Roger Olson, “Beware of Stealth Calvinism!”

, posted by SEA

Beware of Stealth Calvinism! Several times here I have expressed concern that some Calvinists are attempting to take over churches by stealth. I frequently hear from church members (mostly Baptists but occasionally also Pentecostals and…

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Christ Redeemed Faith

, posted by Godismyjudge

The Canons of Dort say Christ acquired faith for us by His death (Point 2, article 8).1  The significance of this seemly minor point is that Christ buying the condition of the covenant effectively changes the…

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He=man vs Skeletor

Playing With Action Figures

, posted by Martin Glynn

Probably one of the poorer arguments that I think we Arminians use is what is often referred to as “the robot analogy”. Now I don’t think it is bad for the reasons that Calvinist do. Calvinists…

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