Non-Calvinist Audio Links

, posted by Kevin Jackson

If you have tried to search for Arminian audio resources and sermons, you know that they can be quite difficult to find. Here are some helpful links. Not all of the speakers listed would accept the label “Arminian.” Some prefer to be called “non-Calvinistic” or even “moderately Calvinistic.” Regardless of the label, they all have in common a rejection of 5 point Calvinism, particularly the ULI in TULIP.

Independent Methodist Arminian Resource Center: IMARC has some great Arminian mp3 links, including: John Wesley (sermons read by Rev. D. Crossman), Dr. Vic Reasoner (editor of The Arminian Magazine), and others. “Calvinism and the Wesleyan Message” by Jerry Walls (co-author of “Why I’m not a Calvinist”) is a must listen.

The Narrow Path: Christian radio host Steve Gregg has a nine part audio series entitled “God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Salvation” (LINK). His stuff is very good – scriptural and detailed. There is also a debate with Douglas Wilson further down the page. He has also done a verse by verse exposition of Romans 9 (available HERE).

Asbury Theological Seminary – Asbury has audio podcasts of their chapel services. Asbury is an inter-denominational seminary in the Wesleyan-Arminian Tradition.

William Lane Craig Podcascts – Regular podcasts of Dr. Craig’s Defenders Class and of his conversational program “Reasonable Faith”. Craig is an advocate of Middle Knowledge (Molinism), which is a type of Arminian theology. Check the “Doctrine of Man” series (starting at part 12) and the “Doctrine of Salvation” series for Craig’s specific thoughts relating to Arminian and Calvinist theology.

Dr. Norman Geisler: speaks on the topic “Why I am not a 5 point Calvinist”. Dr Geisler is the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, in Charlotte, NC, and also authored the book “Chosen but Free”. Geisler doesn’t consider himself Arminian, but he argues for a 4-point Arminian view, holding to the P in TULIP. Geisler is enjoyable to listen to, and explains the problems with Calvinism in terms that are easily understood by the layman. He gives a number of good analogies.

Dr. Paige Patterson: Gurney Lectures on Evangelism (March 2nd – 4th). Dr Patterson preaches a three part series at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary on the topics of the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man. Patterson is the current president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.

Palmer Lectures in Wesleyan Studies: Seattle Pacific University has a series of audio links from a Wesleyan view. SPU is affiliated with the Free Methodist denomination. Not all speakers are Classical Arminian – Pinnock (for example) is an Open Theist.

Resources on Calvinism: A fellow named Jesse Larsen has put together some mp3 links from The Berean Call (a Christian radio show), where they have addressed the issue of Calvinism. There are a number of topics, most fairly short in length (under 10 minutes or so). He also has a link to a sermon by Bob Hoekstra entitled “The Sovereignty Of God And The Responsibility Of Man”. Good stuff. The Berean Call is a radio show hosted by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon. They are non-Calvinists who hold to eternal security. Bob Hoekstra is a pastor with Calvary Chapel, and is also involved in prison ministries.

In Search of Truth: The website In Search of Truth has a 4-part series by Bob Waldron critiquing Calvinism. Waldron is a pastor/professor/missionary who comes from a Church of Christ background. Reservations: He argues from a semi-Pelagian view, and also goes on tangents unique to the Church of Christ (baptism, and instruments).

Reclaiming the Mind Ministries – interview with Roger Olson (author of Arminian Theology – Myths and Realities). Reclaiming the Mind Ministries has a number of interviews with various biblical scholars. One link is an interview with Roger Olson about Arminianism. The broadcast is 78 minutes long. Olson gives an easy to understand overview of Arminian Theology. Direct link HERE (Tuesday, March 21, 2006).

Arminius – The Scapegoat of Calvinism A presentation by Dr. Vic Reasoner. He explains the historical background for Arminianism. He argues that Arminius and Wesley have often been misrepresented by their critics. He addresses three misrepresentations: 1) Arminians do not hold to total depravity; 2) they hold to the absolute free will of man; and 3) they promote a works salvation.

The Fundamental Wesleyan Society – The Fundamental Wesleyan Society is a fellowship dedicated to the spread of biblical Wesleyan theology. They have an Arminian audio page with a number of interesting topics, including: systematic theology, principles of Bible interpretation, an overview of sermons by John Wesley, and other items of interest.

SBC Today has several audio links dealing with the influence of Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention. According to the website, “SBC Today exists to restore unity in the convention around biblical discipleship and our historic Baptist distinctives.” There are interviews with Jerry Vines and Ergun Caner. There is also an interesting sermon by David Allen, in which he argues that Luke is the author of Hebrews. In the course of his presentation he makes an excellent argument against “Limited Atonement”

Dennis McCallum – A presentation on Romans 9. McCallum’s style is engaging. The presentation is in front of a young college group, so it’s taught at a level where anyone can comprehend. It is based on the book: God’s Strategy in Human History, by Roger Forster and Paul Marston. McCallum is the founder of Xenos, a home church movement. There is also a YouTube video of the same presentation, which can be found HERE

Classic Holiness Sermons – From the site: “The purpose of this site is the proclamation of the message of Full Salvation from sin, by the preservation and publication of great sermons from conservative holiness preachers of the past and present.”

Unbelievable – UK host Justin Brierley has audio interviews with Calvinist James White and Arminians Roger and Faith Forster (Roger Forster is co-author of the book “God’s Strategy in Human History”). They debate on the topics of predestination and hell. Episode dates are August 1 and August 8, 2009.

Greg Boyd – Boyd is the pastor of Woodland Hills church in Minneapolis, MN. He is an open theist (a position which SEA does not affirm), however, his argumentation against Calvinism is solid nonetheless. Be sure to check out his sermon about predestination preached on 6/24/94, and his Q&A on 8/22/2009 where he critiques the views of another famous Minneapolis minister.

The Line of Fire – A Christian radio show by Dr. Michael Brown. Recently Dr. Brown spent several days on the topic of Calvinism. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. In part 3, Brown gives an account how he was a Calvinist for five years and then later rejected the system.  (Dr. Brown’s Website has since been updated.  Links are currently unavailable.) – Xenos has a number of excellent resources that come from am Arminian friendly view. From their website: Xenos Christian Fellowship is a culturally relevant, non-traditional and non-denominational church with mainstream biblical doctrines. We develop community through home groups led by volunteers. Xenos is known for its equipping ministries for developing Christian workers and leaders. Our RealMedia Bible teachings, class materials, and essays are excellent resources to browse and download at no charge. Or visit our online store for tapes, books and CDs.

Welch College – Chapel podcasts of Welch College (formerly Free Will Baptist Bible College).

David Pawson – Historian and preacher David Pawson does a series on Romans 9,10, and 11. He comes to solidly Arminian conclusions. Romans 9, Romans 10, Romans 11. Pawson also has a good series on the nature of grace available on the IHOP site He argues that grace is not coercive. Link HERE

The Meeting House – The Meeting House is an Anabaptist Church in Canada pastored by Bruxy Cavey. Cavey did an excellent 7 part series contrasting Arminianism and Calvinism called “Chosen & Choosing” (October 11, 2011)

Note: More audio links will be added to our Additional Resources Page and also added HERE as we become aware of them (this post last updated December 19, 2011). For more recent additions on this site, be sure to check out our Additional Resources Page.