Mission Possible: A Response to Shai Linne

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The following is an edited response to Shai Linne’s Limited Atonement rap
song, “Mission Accomplished.” The original version was posted by “Murray” in the comments at the Gadgetry, Thoughts, Unleashed! blog. What is in brackets has been re-written or re-worded for this posting on SEA.

Well excuse me Mr. Linne, but I think you’re confused.
And there are one or two verses which you have misused.

It’s true – God only saves the group He’s elected.
But that doesn’t mean we’re born preselected.

The “children of promise” He’s chosen to save;
All who seek God through works remain in the grave.

And God truly desires all men to believe;
His words in The Book weren’t meant to deceive.

And the elect themselves were just like all others,
Once children of wrath, just like their brothers.

So even if His death was selective,
Was the atonement He made somehow defective?

See, the blood only protects when it’s spread on the door,
And the rod only heals when you lift your eyes from the floor.

Faith is not a work; it gives us no merit.
Of itself, it’s not any credit.

Faith alone cannot save, unless it’s in Jesus,
His passage through death is what’s freed us.

Faith is the bond; it’s only the tether;
It’s the thing that ties you and Christ together.

[God enables all to believe; he draws us though we’re depraved.
That’s why we can obey the gospel even when we’re enslaved.]

And here’s what I feel I must simply decry:
You don’t even know why Christ came to die!

You think He came to win some sort of game?
A no-risk endeavor to garner more fame?

There is only one reason He came down from above:
Sheer, incomprehensible, [glorious] love.

It’s the central truth of Christianity
That’s been flippin’ the world since 30 AD.

[Now when we step back and look at God’s glorious plan,
Ain’t no failure on his part as he woos every man.]

[He didn’t set out to force them irresistibly,
But that they would come to him willingly.]

[Aw I know, Mr. Linne, that you would say
God’s irr’sistible grace makes only who he wants come willingly.
But are you seriously? Makes them come irr’sisitibly
Yet freely, willingly? That’s forcibly.]

But don’t you see? He knew this from the start.
That’s what sets our God apart.

He willing opened Himself up to rejection,
Knowing that we would ignore His affection.

And yes He was “crushed,” and yes He cried.
He had no dignity; He laid it aside.
And He prayed for those who killed Him as He died.

Now when it comes to the millions who are going to hell,
You think God is up there saying, “Oh well”?

Do you think he is sitting in heaven above,
Watching only the ones He loves?

Or perhaps he glances, from time to time, at unending throngs
condemned to die,
And says, “I could have saved them too, if I had bothered to try.”