Misled by Calvinists as to What Arminians Teach/Believe

, posted by SEA

A new SEA member, who had been a Calvinist for many years but has recently become an Arminian, said this in one of our discussion groups:

As I draw closer to the end of reading The Complete Works of James Arminius, I see that for my whole life, I’ve been misled by Calvinists as to what Arminians teach/believe: so I have completely misunderstood Arminianism. But, better late than never to come unto a knowledge of the truth, right? I am convinced, however, that more of them misunderstand Arminianism than are trying to distort it. Glad God moved me to check this stuff out.

Of course, not all Calvinists get Arminianism wrong, but it seems like the vast majority do. Don’t be misled by Calvinist caricatures of Arminianism! Get the FACTS!