Lots of Talk about Angry Calvinists Going On

, posted by SEA

There seems to be lots of talk about angry Calvinists going on, with Calvinist leaders recognizing that there seems to be a problem with anger/rudeness/harshness/incivility etc. particularly among Calvinists. Here are 2 posts on this:

Ed Setzer interviews Calvinist Joe Thorn about the issue: “Joe Thorn and Angry (Fake) Calvinists”

Justin Taylor, “The Problem of ‘Angry Calvinists’ “

If we grant that there is a special problem among Calvinists in this area (surely the problem is not limited to Calvinists, but some Calvinist leaders seem to be observing that there is a special problem among their own), the following comments are in order:

Beside it being contrary to Scripture, the biggest concern Arminians have concerning Calvinism is its logical implications for the character of God, that it makes God a moral monster contrary to God’s character of love and justice revealed in the Bible (see e.g., this case made by John Wesley). Although it seems to be a question that Calvinist leaders do not want to consider, it is worth considering whether the character of God as entailed in Calvinism contributes to anger and harshness toward others among *some* Calvinists. Certainly there are many humble and loving Calvinists. But could it be that there is something in the Calvinist view of God that encourages harshness with the result that, while many Calvinists resist the temptation to be harsh because of the Holy Spirit and Scripture, many are led into harshness by the Calvinist view of God? Is it mere coincidence that one of Arminianism’s major criticisms of Calvinism is that it logically entails a harsh view of God, and that even Calvinist leaders have been noting a special problem with Calvinists being harsh? To put it simply, could there be a connection along these lines: harsh God –> harsh Calvinists?