Leighton Flowers Interview on 1 John 5:1 and Acts 13:48 with Dr. Brian Abasciano

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Leighton Flowers interviewed Brian Abasciano on his “Soteriology 101” podcast to address James White’s response to a previous interview with Abasciano concerning the Greek of 1 John 5:1 and the order of faith and regeneration. The new podcast interview can be found here. Abasciano wrote a full reply to White prior to the new interview entitled “A Reply to James White on 1 John 5:1 and the Order of Faith and Regeneration”. The new interview gave Abasciano the opportunity to respond to White in an interview format and provided some new information, but the article should be consulted for greater detail. The first podcast interview with Abasciano can be found here and on “Soteriology 101”’s iTunes page. Abasciano provided some follow-up comments from the first interview here. White responded in his own podcast, which aired on Friday April 15, 2016. Here is a timeline of the interaction between White and Abasciano:

James White’s Reply to Comments by Leighton Flowers about 1 John 5:1 (March 17, 2016)

First Leighton Flowers Interview with Brian Abasciano: 1 John 5:1: Does Regeneration Precede Faith? (or here).

Written Interview Follow Up Comments from Brian Abasciano

James White’s Response to the Interview of Brian Abasciano (Friday April 15, 2016)

Brian Abasciano’s Reply article

Second Leighton Flowers Interview with Abasciano: 1 John 5:1 and Acts 13:48 with Dr. Brian Abasciano