Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry Spring 2013, Vol. 10.1: Essays on the “Traditional Statement” Part 2

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This issue of the Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry is the second of two dedicated to exploring the soteriological issues addressed by “A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation” as a result of criticism of that statement. The so called “traditional view” is typically really Arminian, though the views presented by the authors do not necessarily represent the views of SEA. Notably, the article on “The Security of the Believer” does not represent traditional Arminian thought, but it is an alternative view that an Arminian can hold. A table of contents is included below.

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Editorial Introduction
Adam Harwood

Preamble and Text of the Traditional Statement

Commentary on Article 7: The Sovereignty of God 7
Steve Lemke

Commentary on Article 8: The Free Will of Man
Braxton Hunter

Commentary on Article 9: The Security of the Believer
Steve Horn

Commentary on Article 10: The Great Commission
Preston Nix

Is the Traditional Statement Semi-Pelagian?
Adam Harwood

Five Theological Models Relating Determinism, Divine Sovereignty, and Human Freedom
Steve W. Lemke

On the “Traditional Statement”: Some Friendly Reflections from a Calvinistic Southern Baptist
Nathan A. Finn

Why I Did Not Affirm the “Traditional Statement”: A Non-Calvinistic Perspective Rhyne Putman

Book Reviews