Interesting Links 9-20-09

, posted by Kevin Jackson

This month’s Christianity Today has some articles by Arminians in praise of John Calvin (yes, you read that right). Man of the Bible: What Calvin gets Right, by Ben Witherington. Theologian of the Spirit, by Roger Olson.

This pastor hates Obama, and preached a sermon on why he wishes the president dead. Although the article doesn’t state it, I’m going to go way out on a limb and guess that the good reverend is not an Arminian.

Tim Challies has an article about his visit to Saddleback Church. He attended a service and met with Rick Warren for about 30 minutes.

Ben Witherington previews the NIV 2011.

Calvinist witnessing and Arminian witnessing. If you haven’t already seen these clips, they’re pretty funny. The Calvinist witnessing one is better of course. ūüôā [Editor note: The original 2 links are dead and have been replaced by similar ones, though we are not sure if they are the same basic videos.]