Interesting Links 8-9-09

, posted by Kevin Jackson

Peter Lumpkins writes about the misuse of the word “monergism” among Calvinistic Southern Baptists.

Ben Henshaw asks: Do you really want to claim John Calvin as your homeboy? Check out the reply thread on this one.

Speaking of which, you can get your Arminian homeboy apparel here.

Between Two Worlds (Justin Taylor’s Calvinist blog) has a link to a series by Colin Hansen that looks at the dynamics of the Reformed Resurgence. (HT: Brian Abasciano)

Were the tunes to Wesley brother’s hymns based on tavern songs? That’s not true says Larry Withham. It is a wide spread misconception.

Don Heatly writes about the “myth” of the young progressive Christian. “I have been astounded by the disconnect between what I read younger generations are looking for in a church, and what many actually gravitate toward.”

Scot McKnight has re-posted a letter regarding how a pastor should deal with “pesky Calvinists”. There are lots of interesting comments in the thread.