I John 4:18; A Devotional

, posted by Martin Glynn

Fear is not in love, but complete love casts out fear; for fear possesses torture, and fearing does not perfect in love.

This is a really powerful verse. It comes off of verse 17 which talks about love being perfected in us by God abiding in us, and that this should give us confidence on the day of judgment.

This verse is basicly comparing confidence with fear. When love is perfected in us, it gives us confidence because we trust the one we love. Thus, real fear and love cannot have anything to do with each other, because fear denotes a lack of trust. If I was constantly afraid that my wife was attracted to other man, that means that I do not trust her, and that lack of trust would impede me from loving her completely. This is why women become so frustrated with jealous husbands.

But complete love casts out those fears because it is accompanied with trust: with confidence. After all, the kind of love that God has in mind for us cannot be accompanied with fear, for fear tortures you. In the text it says that fear possesses torture, which I believe means that when fear comes, it brings torture with it. It makes you constantly doubt, and tears your mind apart. This is not what God has in mind for us. God has His perfect and trusting love in mind for us to make us bold and confident.

Are you afraid? Are you wondering if you are really saved? Are you worried about finances? Are you worried about the state of the country, or whether you might be attacked some time soon? Are you afraid that the society is crumbling?

Don’t be! God is on the throne and He loves you. He will protect you. Even if society crumbles, even if the stock market crashes, God will still be faithful to those who believe. Do not be afraid, and do not doubt. Let tommorrow worry about tommorrow and live in joy.