How Christ Draws

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A gentleman who was being urged to accept Christ, said to the preacher, “There are some things in the Bible that seem to be highly contradictory.  Christ must have overestimated Himself.  Once He declared that He would draw all men unto Him, and yet He hasn’t done it.  I know that you will remind me that He hasn’t yet been lifted up before all men, but even that does not alter the case.  Men go to church and listen to you; then even read the Bible, then go away and live worldly lives.  They devote themselves to money-making and sensuality, and are not drawn to your Christ–at least, not more than one of them in a hundred is.”

“Do you believe that there is such a thing as gravitation?” the preacher asked.

“Certainly, I do.”

“Well, what is it?”

“I believe philosophers define it as being an invisible force by which all matter is drawn to the center of the earth.”

The preacher stepped to the window.  “Come here,” he said.  “Do you see those gilt balls?” pointing to the pawnbroker’s sign across the street.


“How about the power of gravitation now?  You say that it draws all matter to the center of the earth, and yet those balls have been hanging there for three years.”

“Oh, well!” said the young man, his face flushing, “they are fastened to that iron rod.”

“Yes,” replied the preacher, “and it is so with the men of whom you speak.  One is bound fast by the lusts of the flesh; and still another find his business an iron rod that holds him fast.”

Christ draws all men where He is lifted up to their view, but they can resist Him if they will.

written by Mattie M Boteler, page 33 in ​One Thousand Evangelistic Illustrations, edited by Webb, A. (1924).  New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers