FWS Podcast: Christian Roots (Parts 11-20)

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Here are links to the remaining episodes in the Christian Roots Series where Dr. Vic Reasoner takes a journey through Church History. If you cannot see the players below follow one of these links: Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. 

Part 11: The Reformation (Part 1)

Part 12: The Reformation (Part 2)

Part 13: The Counter Reformation and the English Reformation

Part 14: The Wesleyan Revival and the Early Methodist Movement

Part 15: John Wesley and the Theology of Methodism

Part 16: The Religious History of America

Part 17: The Second Great Awakening

Part 18: The American Holiness Movement

Part 19: Fundamentalism, Dispensationalism, and Evangelicalism

Part 20: The 20th Century