Friday Files, 27 Oct 17

, posted by K.W. Leslie

The Friday Files highlights older SEA posts of interest, and posts some of the latest from Arminian and non-Calvinist blogs. Names in green indicate SEA members. Inclusion isn’t necessarily endorsement. Blame K.W. Leslie for the brief summaries.

From the SEA archives:

Solus Arminius:

“Why I rejected and continue to reject Calvinism.” [6 Dec 11] One person’s testimony after dabbling in Calvinism—and his father’s challenge to search the scriptures.

“If Calvinism were true.” [20 Dec 11] Meticulous sovereignty in a very evil world does indeed make God into a moral monster.

Bruxy Cavey: The Meeting House: “Chosen and choosing.” [20 Nov 11] Cavey’s seven-part sermon series, contrasting Calvinism and Arminianism.

Brian N. Daniels (Calvinist): “On the ordo salutis and Colossians 2:13.” [14 Dec 11] If God’s forgiveness is the cause of our spiritual rebirth, faith precedes regeneration.

Martin Glynn, The JC Freak:

“Calvinist rhetoric: Slippery slopes.” [17 Oct 11] Because a position CAN be bent towards a false belief, Calvinists like to treat it as if it inevitably will.

“Calvinist rhetoric: Consistency.” [5 Dec 11] What Calvinists mean when they claim one’s theology is inconsistent.

“Calvinist Santa (satire).” [12 Dec 11] The elves discuss Santa’s practice of double predestination.

Steve W. Lemke:

“Agent causation, or, How to be a soft libertarian.” [19 Dec 11] A theory of free will wherein we make our own free choices with some outside influence.

“Quotable quotes—Steve Lemke on irresistible grace and the ministry of Jesus.” [30 Dec 11] Sure would’ve significantly changed that rich young ruler story.

Biblical exposition:

Stacy J. Ross, Ramblings from Real Man’s Land:

“Jesus is not welcome when we diminish his deity.” [24 Oct 17] Why’s his word authoritative? Because he’s God.

“Jesus is not welcome when I am offended at his word.” [25 Oct 17] Jesus regularly taught hard things and expects us to obey them. If we’re not willing, we’re not following him.


Leighton Flowers (Traditionalist), Soteriology 101: “The redundancy of Satan on Calvinism.” [14 Oct 17] According to Calvinism, God’s the one who blinds unbelievers and chokes faith. So, um… what’s that leave Satan to do?

Jonathan Leeman (Calvinist): 9Marks: “Mailbag #65: Distinctly Calvinist statement of faith? … When an elder isn’t ‘apt to teach.’ ” [20 Oct 17] Church statements of faith shouldn’t drive away the non-Calvinists; and apparently the biblical criteria for being an elder is orthodoxy, not character.

J.S. Park (Calvinist): J.S. Park: “Why I’m no longer self-identifying as a ‘reformed Calvinist’ ” [1 Aug 12] Park can’t understand why those who claim to love Jesus, try to destroy others who love Jesus.

Lifestyle and sanctification:

Michael L. Brown, Ask Dr. Brown: “Are we on God’s side?” [25 Oct 17] It’s easy to be partisan, and take sides which don’t challenge our beliefs. But as Christians, do we let Jesus and the scriptures hold sway over our allegiance… or our party?

Theodicy and suffering:

Jeremy Berg, Jesus Creed: “What’s the most powerful force in the universe?” [24 Oct 17] Jesus doesn’t want to kill the bad guys. He wants to turn ’em into good guys.

K.W. Leslie, Christ Almighty!: “Our thoughts and prayers are with you.” [24 Oct 17] The backlash against that saying in part comes against those who say it, but do nothing. Prayer’s meant to spur us to change. And act.

Ben Plunkett, Rambling Ever On: “Here where dogs bite and bees sting: Part Three.” [16 Oct 17] Rest assured that pain and suffering will come to an end. God will end it.

Protestant Reformation’s 500th:

K.W. Leslie, Christ Almighty!: “Reformation Day.” [27 Oct 17] What triggered it, and why it’s a day to remember but hardly rejoice.

Roger E. Olson, My Evangelical Arminian Theological Musings: “Is the Roman Catholic Church catholic enough?” [27 Oct 17] On K.J. Collins and J.L. Walls’ recent book on Catholicism and whether the RCC is spiritually one with Christendom—and why their insistence on exclusivity remains a problem.