Friday Files, 20 Oct 17

, posted by K.W. Leslie

The Friday Files compiles posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinist bloggers from round the globe, and highlights older SEA posts. Names in green indicate SEA members. Inclusion isn’t necessarily endorsement. Blame K.W. Leslie for the brief summaries.

Lifestyle and sanctification

Nelson Banuchi, By the Tree:

“Devotion #24: The conversation.” [12 Oct 17] Some warnings from the Father to the Son.

“Devotion #25: Without the presence.” [13 Oct 17] When we step out ahead of God.

“Devotion #26: We need revival!” [14 Oct 17] What we must first recognize.

“Devotion #27: Moses’ chutzpah towards God!” [15 Oct 17] Dare we challenge God to come near like Moses did?

“Devotion #28: Remember!” [16 Oct 17] When God feels distant, remember the times he was near.

Phil Lytle, Rambling Ever On: “This is the church.” [17 Oct 17] On the beautiful, broken body of Christ.

Stacy J. Ross, Ramblings from Real Man’s Land:

“Praying for children.” [16 Oct 17] Important things to pray over the kids in our churches.

“Encouragement in ministry.” [17 Oct 17] God gave Isaiah several reasons why he ought not be discouraged.

“Prayers God always answers.” [18 Oct 17] Some things believers should pray consistently.

“Reject spiritual apathy.” [19 Oct 17] If we’re not careful, we might get too comfortable to grow further.

“Lessons from funerals.” [20 Oct 17] Things Ross has learned as a hospice chaplain.

Karl Vaters, Pivot: “6 benefits of embracing the fact that you’re a small church pastor.” [19 Oct 17] Stop trying to be something you’re not, and become great at what you are.

D.V. Wayman, Ironstrikes: “Uncle Buddy: A few things that prove depravity.” [15 Oct 17] Even non-Christians demonstrate they believe humanity is depraved.

Theodicy and suffering

Ben Plunkett, Rambling Ever On: “Here where dogs bite and bees sting: Part Three.” [16 Oct 17] When God finally purges the earth of sinful man.

Theology and history

Charlie Baber, Wesley Bros: “Way of Salvation infograph.” [16 Oct 17] But it’s not just about the destination.

Mike Barlotta, Dead Heroes Don’t Save: “The death of John Owen’s argument: A general atonement means God failed to achieve his goal (part 4).” [17 Oct 17] How Owen defined saving faith.

Jeremy Berg, Jesus Creed: “God’s glory re-imagined.” [17 Oct 17] Why do so many Christians, particularly in the Reformed camp, feel it necessary to put down human attempts at sanctification in order to magnify God?

John Bugay (Calvinist), Triablogue: “‘Roman but Not Catholic’ is released today.” [17 Oct 17] Introducing a new Protestant work on Catholicism.

Gowdy Cannon, Rambling Ever On: “Is there a biblical ‘age of accountability’?” [20 Oct 17] There’s a point in a child’s life where they’re too young to choose right from wrong.

Kevin Jackson, Wesleyan Arminian: “The commemoration of James Arminius.” [19 Oct 11] On Arminius’s feast day in the Methodist tradition.

Ed Jarrett, A Clay Jar: “Arminianism: Salvation security.” [20 Oct 17] Eternal security isn’t a central Arminian doctrine, but can we have assurance of our salvation?

Evan Minton, Cerebral Faith: “My NCCA 2017 experience.” [15 Oct 17] Minton at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics, 12–14 October.

Tim Stratton (Molinist), Free Thinking Ministries: “But who are you, O man?—Romans 9.” [16 Oct 17] How Molinists answer the Calvinist spin on Romans 9—namely how they apply determinism to even asking this question.

Biblical exposition

Ed Jarrett, A Clay Jar:

“The prayers of the saints.” [13 Oct 17] The incense in God’s temple, and its relation to our prayers. [Rv 5.8]

“The blessedness of martyrdom.” [14 Oct 17] The fifth seal: Not judgment, but those who suffer. [Rv 6.9]

“Sheltered by his presence.” [15 Oct 17] Look forward to the glory yet to come. [Rv 7.13-17]

“A response to prayer.” [16 Oct 17] The time comes for the saints’ prayers to be answered. [Rv 8.5]

“Refusal to repent.” [17 Oct 17] Even after judgment, mankind won’t repent, and further hardens their hearts. [Rv 9.20]

“Consuming the Word.” [18 Oct 17] What was represented by Ezekiel and John eating scrolls. [Rv 10.10]

“The last trumpet.” [19 Oct 17] Four final trumpet calls come up in the New Testament—announcing transformation. [Rv 11.15]

“Conquering by the blood.” [20 Oct 17] Two pieces of evidence which defeat the accuser. [Rv 12.11]

K.W. Leslie, Christ Almighty!:

“Women and covering up. Or, frequently, not.” [16 Oct 17] Why American women don’t cover their hair in church. [1Co 11.3-16]

“Throwing out ‘treasures’ new and old.” [18 Oct 17] Some of our treasuries need a bit of housecleaning. [Mk 4.33-34, Mt 13.34-35, 13.51-53]

“Potential, fixable followers.” [19 Oct 17] Three people who might follow Jesus, but first need some faulty ideas corrected. Too often Christians teach as if these ideas disqualify them. [Mt 8.18-22, Lk 9.57-62]

Evan Minton, Cerebral Faith: “What is the cup that Jesus asked the Father to take away?” [17 Oct 17] And does Jesus’s will in any way contradict that of the Father? [Lk 22.39-44]

Videos and podcasts

Stacy J. Ross, Ramblings from Real Man’s Land: “The anchor of hope.” [15 Oct 17] Our world desperately need hope and hopeful people. [He 6.13-20]

Beth Midrash Christian Productions, Future Not Fixed: “Away With Our Fears” [18 Oct 17] Lyrics by Charles Wesley.

From the SEA archives

Michael Brown: “Calvinism or Arminianism?” [28 Nov 11] Four YouTube videos in which Brown outlines the debate between the groups.

Martin Glynn, The JC Freak:

“Calvinist rhetoric: Euphemism and dysphemism.” [29 Aug 11] Calvinists call their system “the doctrines of grace” to imply if we counter ’em, we’re fighting grace.

“Calvinist rhetoric: The stronghold.” [5 Sep 11] Calvinists promote the idea their system defends Christianity from dangerous slippery slopes.

Scot McKnight, Jesus Creed:

“For and Against Calvinism 1” [6 Oct 11] Introducing Michael Horton’s “For Calvinism” and Roger Olson’s “Against Calvinism”—beginning with Olson’s objections to the Young Restless Reformed bunch.

“For and Against Calvinism 2” [14 Oct 11] Introducing Calvinism: Sovereignty and TULIP, and that the ULI impugns God’s character.

“For and Against Calvinism 3” [20 Oct 11] How can one believe in meticulous providence, yet not make God culpable for sin and evil?

“For and Against Calvinism 4” [24 Oct 11] Horton’s gospel is soterian, not (as McKnight teaches) the person of Christ Jesus. And the monergism/synergism rhetoric isn’t helpful.

“For and Against Calvinism 5” [27 Oct 11] Horton’s view of total depravity: Humans were corrupted by the fall, deprived of sound will (not free will), and are now by nature Pelagian.

“For and Against Calvinism 6” [31 Oct 11] Is election individual or corporate, conditional or unconditional?

“For and Against Calvinism 7” [4 Nov 11] Horton’s view of particular redemption (i.e. limited atonement)—but does the bible define sin one-sidedly as a law and forensic condition?

“For and Against Calvinism 8” [9 Nov 11] Olsen argues Calvinist predestination is necessarily double or nothing, and makes God monstrous.

“For and Against Calvinism 9” [16 Nov 11] Horton’s view of effectual calling (i.e. irresistible grace), particularly apostasy.

“For and Against Calvinism 10” [25 Nov 11] Olsen points out Calvin himself didn’t believe in limited atonement, and that it’s an aberrant church teaching.

“For and Against Calvinism 11” [29 Nov 11] Horton’s sketch of the Christian life under Calvinist teachings—and McKnight’s objection Christianity isn’t solely soteriology.

“For and Against Calvinism 12” [2 Dec 11] In the end, is grace resistible or not? Is it fair to say “By force/coercion you are saved, and not of yourselves”?