Friday Files, 6 Oct 17

, posted by K.W. Leslie

The Friday Files compiles posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinist bloggers from round the globe, and highlights older SEA posts. Names in green indicate SEA members. Inclusion isn’t necessarily endorsement. Blame K.W. Leslie for the brief summaries.

Lifestyle and sanctification

Michael L. Brown, Ask Dr. Brown: “Can ‘thoughts and prayers’ stop the next shooting?” [3 Oct 17] Only if, instead of merely repeating that phrase, we truly think and fervently pray.

Stacy J. Ross, Ramblings from Real Man’s Land:

“Faith is the key.” [29 Sep 17] On trusting God enough to at on his promises.

“Praying for the salvation of others.” [2 Oct 17] Decide today to wrestle and struggle in prayer for the souls of the lost.

“Pray confidently.” [3 Oct 17] Do you truly believe God wants the lost to repent and be saved?

“Pray persistently.” [4 Oct 17] Jesus invites us to be relentless in prayer.

“Pray desperately.” [5 Oct 17] Your prayers may be the lost’s last hope.

Theodicy and suffering

Gowdy Cannon, Rambling Ever On: “Miserable comforters: What a grieving person probably doesn’t need.” [3 Oct 17] And probably does need. But pause before you offer this sort of “comfort.”

Scot McKnight, Jesus Creed: “Is divine genocide defensible?” [5 Oct 17] Some scholars don’t recognize how Jesus’s attitude in the gospels, and their interpretations of how the Lord ordered Joshua to destroy the Canaanites, needs to be reconciled.

Ben Plunkett, Rambling Ever On: “Here where dogs bite and bees sting: Part One.” [2 Oct 17] The reason for evil in this world? Corrupt free will.

Theology and history

Ed Jarrett, A Clay Jar: “Arminianism: Foreknowledge, predestination and election.” [4 Oct 11] How Arminians define these ideas; contrasted with Calvinism.

Evan Minton, Cerebral Faith:

“Responding to free will critics.” [29 Sep 17] For those who object to the arguments in favor of free will, here are Minton’s responses.

“Why did God write a book?” [1 Oct 17] Three (not so much four) of God’s reasons for inspiring the scriptures.

“Christians are opposed to science!—what do you mean by that?” [2 Oct 17] When atheists call us anti-science, bear in mind how they (and we) define science.

Calvinists behaving badly

Ryan Warnock, Ryan Warnock: Calvinist: An Arminian review.” [5 Oct 17] A well made documentary on the culture and theology of Calvinism. Pity it includes their usual slanders against Arminians.


The Babylon Bee (Calvinist): “YouVerson apologizes after adding comment section to bible app.” [3 Oct 17] Because comment sections are just the worst.

Videos and podcasts

Michael L. Brown, Ask Dr. Brown:

“Should Christians send their kids to college?” [30 Sep 11] Maybe. But before sending your kid to a secular college, are your kids ready to stand up to their challenges?

“How can you reconcile belief in God with science?” [4 Oct 11] Simple: Science is so beyond our understanding, a much smarter mind must be behind everything.

Biblical exposition

Ed Jarrett, A Clay Jar:

“Three crosses.” [29 Sep 11] Is there a link between Calvary’s three crosses, and Jesus’s sheep and goats story? [Jn 19.18]

“That you may believe.” [30 Sep 11] John’s gospel was deliberately written to evangelize. [Jn 20.31]

“What about him?” [1 Oct 11] Don’t focus on how other followers follow. Follow Jesus yourself. [Jn 21.21]

“Walking in the light.” [2 Oct 11] Wanna know you’re saved? Start by walking in the light. [1Jn 1.7]

“Loving the world.” [3 Oct 11] It’s not about having or not having stuff, but our attachments to it. [1Jn 2.15]

“Being like Christ.” [4 Oct 11] Once Jesus appears, we’ll be like him. Get ready. [1Jn 3.2]

“No fear in love.” [5 Oct 11] Does this verse mean every sort of fear? Not quite. [1Jn 4.18]

K.W. Leslie, Christ Almighty!:

“These godless kids these days.” [3 Oct 17] When King David complained this generation doesn’t follow God like his generation did. [Ps 14]

“I stand at the door and knock.” [5 Oct 17] It’s not about evangelism. It’s about not taking Jesus for granted. [Rv 3.20]

D.V. Wayman, Ironstrikes: “Uncle Buddy: The fruits of deception.” [1 Oct 17] There are a whole bunch of liars in the book of Genesis.

From the SEA archives

SEA admins: “SEA vice president James Leonard gets his Ph.D.!” [17 Oct 11] As foreordained by his examiners.

Solus Arminius:

“No interpretation needed.” [11 Oct 11] On tackling the scriptures with no thought to historical context.

“Calvinists still honing their skill in misrepresenting Arminianism.” [14 Oct 11] Wanna write a book defending Calvinism? It gets a lot easier once you misrepresent your opponents.

“The Synod of Dort vs. Arminius and the Remonstrants.” [21 Oct 11] When Calvinists call Arminians heretic, they point to this synod—but don’t consider how inconsistent it was with historical Christianity.

“The implication of the Calvinistic hermeneutic of total depravity.” [3 Nov 11] We agree with Calvinists about total depravity/inability. Or do we? Because unconditional election makes some unique assumptions.

Kevin Jackson: “Popular phrases and the Christians who should have coined them.” [13 Oct 11] Some old clichés suit certain Christians a little too well.

Scot McKnight: “SBC and Calvinism.” Offsite [3 Nov 11] The Kentucky Baptist Convention denied membership to a church whose faith statement was more Calvinist than consistent with the SBC Faith and Message.

Adam Omelianchuk: “Calvinists on hell and the fate of everyone who ever lives.” [18 Oct 11] If we know God’s “secret will” is for some to go to hell, doesn’t it undermine our conforming to his “revealed will” that they repent?

Rebekah Reinagel: “Do Calvinists seek the specific will of God?” [13 Oct 11] Calvinism imagines God has two wills: Revealed and unrevealed. Do they investigate the unrevealed?

A.W. Tozer: “The sovereignty of God.” [19 Oct 11] And how God sovereignly decreed we humans would have free will.