Fred Sanders, “The Writings of William Burt Pope (1822-1903): An Online Guide to his Publications”

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Dr. Fred Sanders has compiled an online collection of works of William Burt Pope, available at the link below:

The Writings of William Burt Pope (1822-1903): An Online Guide to his Publications


From his announcement on Twitter:

Okay, here is the textual foundation for the study of William Burt Pope’s theology. I’ll build this out a little more and add some commentary, but here is structured access to his major works & a lot of minor pieces as well.

All roads lead to the 3-volume Compendium (1879 or 1889 editions). But you could start with the Person of Christ volume, the Higher Catechism, or The Prayers of St. Paul. For just a snack, try the Abiding Word sermon or any sermon in the 1869 Discourses on the Kingdom.

A few of these entries already go deeper. Click through to the Stier page to see how much work that one entry represents (busy pastor did 4,500 pages of translation!), or the Hannah page for some good links and research threads.

Or if you want a “wow look at all the resources” view, click on the “topic: William Burt Pope” link. Thanks to @beltechi’s fine web design, it all rolls out clean.


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