Friday Files: Arminius’s writings.

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the Friday Files, SEA’s regular dig though our archives, ’cause you might not be aware what’s in there. SEA members’ names are in blue, and just to remind you—the views expressed in any articles and links aren’t always those of SEA.

So last time we provided some background on Jacobus Arminius, and this time it’s time to look at what the man wrote.


James Nichols, W.R. Bagnall, editors, The Works of James Arminius. Known as “the London Edition,” this is considered the definitive English-language collection of Arminius’s writings… at least till someone new gets around to translating him into 21st-century English. And since it was published in the 1800s, it’s in the public domain, so it’s free… most of the time. Buy the print editions and software modules through your favorite bookseller, but I figured I’d connect you to the free stuff.

John D. Wagner, editor, Arminius Speaks: Essential Writings on Predestination, Free Will, and the Nature of God. This one’s not free, but I had to include it. If you wanna browse Arminius topically, Wagner pre-sorted him for you.


Stands to reason the Society of Evangelical Arminians would’ve posted numerous excerpts from Arminius’s writings. Because unlike many of our critics, we like to confirm our claims of what he taught, by looking to the source material.

We have a lot of articles entitled “Arminius on…” which contain Arminius quotes but are primarily someone’s analysis of what Arminian believed. Which are good pieces; I’m not knocking them. But today I’m only gonna focus on the posts where it’s just Arminius himself, full text, with minimal comment from the person who posted it.

His commentaries on the scriptures:

From his Private Disputations:

  1. “On the Manner in Which Theology Must Be Taught.”
  2. “On Blessedness, the End of Theology.”
  3. “On the Rule of Religion, the Word of God, and the Scriptures in Particular.”
  4. “On Actual Sins.”
  5. “The Justification of Man before God.”
  6. “On the Decrees of God Concerning Salvation of Sinful Men, According to His Own Sense.”
  7. “On the Attributes of God Which Come to Be Considered Under His Will and, First, on Those Which Have an Analogy to the Affections or Passions in Rational Creatures.”
  8. “On the Regal Office of Christ.”
  9. “On the Repentance by Which Men Answer to the Divine Vocation.”
  10. “On the Head and the Marks of the Church.”

And other articles.

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