Friday Files, 10 April 2020

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the Sts. James, Azadanus, and Abdicius Day edition of the Friday Files, our weekly dig through SEA’s archives to see what we used to be up to… which looks a lot like what we’re still up to. Rightly so.

The views expressed in these articles and links are of interest to SEA, and don’t always reflect our views. Our members’ names are in blue. Articles are from the first half of April…

Last year! (2019)

Five years ago! (2015)

Ten years ago! (2010)

Today: If you gotta be in public, mask up!

But if you don’t have to be in public, and you have more time once you’ve read the links above, there are also the links and books to other Arminians on the internet who’ve written lots of thought-provoking, useful, inspiring stuff. Stay safe!