Friday Files, 24 May 2019

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St Joanna’s Day edition of the Friday Files, our “this week in SEA history” feature. Views in the articles don’t necessarily reflect those of SEA, and our members’ names are in blue. Posts from the fourth week of May…

Last year! (2018)

Evan Minton, “Let the Wiggling Commence: A Response to Kevin Courter.” So after Minton’s piece, “5 Biblical Texts That Calvinists Can’t Wiggle Out Of,” a Calvinist responded with a rebuttal of each section, and Minton responded with this rebuttal of the rebuttals. Oh, but that’s not all…

Evan Minton, “Scripture in the Hands of a Wiggly Calvinist: A Response to Tony Lee Ross Jr.” Same deal: Another Calvinist offered a rebuttal to the aforementioned article, so Minton replied to him too.

• Rich Davis, “ ‘Whoever’ (of the Elect) Believes: A Reply to Bignon and Gibson.” Calvinists commonly misinterpret John 3:16 so “the world” really means “the elect”… but when you redefine it this way, it doesn’t logically follow.

Five years ago! (2014)

• Austin Fischer, My Review of Kevin’s Review.” Kevin DeYoung, reviewed Fischer’s book Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed, and Fischer has some notes about the review.

• Mike Lowry, “Heading Towards the Cross: The Offense of Substitutionary Atonement.” The idea of God’s wrath—even though it’s directed towards sin, not people—still makes people uncomfortable.

• Roger E. Olson, “My Response to Al Mohler’s Defense of Limited Atonement.” Olson insists the gospel includes that God loves all, and wants all saved. If Mohler’s gospel can’t say that, Olson doesn’t know that he can preach the gospel alongside him.

Steve Sewell, “A Case for Conditional Security, and Why It’s Not a Works Salvation.” We don’t forfeit salvation because we fail to do good works. But can a Christian with no good works be realistically said to have faith, much less salvation?

• Chuck Gutenson, “What is prevenient grace?” [video] On John Wesley’s understanding of prevenient grace, and its place in the order of salvation.

Ten years ago! (2009)

• Books!

Martin Glynn, “1 John 5:19; a Devotional.” The world is full of evil, yet we’re from God. Are we living this way?

Solus Arminius, “Calvinists, Let’s Calm Down.” The title’s from C. Michael Patton’s same-named article, in which he rebukes his fellow Calvinists for calling Arminians heretic.

Kevin Jackson, “C. Michael Patton Addresses the Unloving Attitude of Some Calvinists.” Jackson notes “Calvinists, Let’s Calm Down” isn’t the first time Patton’s had to do this.

James M. Leonard, “Who Are Free Will Baptists?” Some history of this Reformed Arminian movement.

Dan Chapa, “Owen’s Death of Death—Chapter 7—Section 6 (Final Section).” In which John Owen fails to prove his point that Arminians have no assurance.

Dan Chapa, Index to Review of John Owen’s The Death of Death in the Death of Christ.” In case you want to go back and read all Chapa’s point-by-point rebuttals to Owen’s book.

Dan Chapa, “Friday Files: Goodwin on Romans 9.” An overview of John Goodwin’s 1835 book, Exposition of the Ninth Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans. [Google Books] With a few highlights.

Are you not entertained?

Y’might notice the Friday Files is packed with reading material. And if that doesn’t float your boat, I could suggest the blogs of SEA’s members… but even that may not be enough for your appetites, so I dunno. I tried though.