Friday Files, 15 March 2019

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the ides of March edition (or, more appropriately, the St. Aristobulus of Britannia’s Day edition) of the Friday Files, our weekly glance in the rear-view mirror of SEA’s archives. What’s been posted here before? Good stuff… though not all of it expresses the views of SEA. Our members’ names are in blue. Posts from the second week of March…

Last year! (2018)

• Jakob Hermanszoon (a.k.a. Jacobus Arminius), “On Pelagius.” Some quotes from his works about what he thought of the view that humanity is good enough to merit salvation apart from Christ and grace.

• Thomas Edward Dow, “The Evangelical Ecumenism of James Arminius.” [PDF] Dow’s thesis that Arminius was determined to emphasize what Evangelical Christians have in common—particularly against extreme predestinarian trends in Dutch Calvinism which threatened to split Protestants further.

• Daniel LaLond Jr., “Eternal Security: On Falling Away.” Assurances to our salvation are only offered to those who actually follow Christ. Not so much hypocrites who don’t.

• And presenting the first Fundamental Wesleyan Society podcast, a series of Vic Reasoner’s lectures on systematic theology. Vin Artese introduces the show in Episode 1.

Five years ago! (2014)

• Roger E. Olson, “My Response (Finally!) to John Piper’s ‘AskPastorJohn’ Episode 238 (About Me).” In response to Piper’s podcast, episode 238, in which he name-drops Olson: Piper was kind in his comments, but Olson still wishes he’d actually read up on Arminianism instead of repeating his usual uninformed slanders.

Daniel Nebauer, “Condemnation for Unbelief and the Atonement.” How limited atonement isn’t compatible with Jesus’s, “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed….” [Jn 3:18]

Forlinianslip, “Salvation by Grace Through Faith, and Its Implications for Eternal Security.” Though Southern Baptists claim to adopt Calvinist views on salvation by grace unto faith, when they talk sanctification they tend to sound Arminian.

• Austin Fischer, “Dear John Piper.” Piper critiqued Fisher’s book, Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed, in his podcast (Episode 293, “Is God a Needy Vacuum Trying to Suck Praise out of Us?”). Basically Fischer was talking about what Jonathan Edwards and John Piper’s characterization of God feels like, and Piper takes issue.

• Roger E. Olson, “John Piper, Jonathan Edwards, Austin Fischer, and God.” Olson’s two cents on the previous article: Piper commits the double standard of objecting when Armianians take Calvinism to its logical conclusions… yet it’s okay for them to leap to all sorts of conclusions about what Arminianism “must” teach.

Ten years ago! (2009)

It’s not that SEA wasn’t around, but we didn’t post anything in March 2009. Sorry.

That leaves our bloggers.

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